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Cape Breton’s Real Estate Portal for Selling and Buying Real Estate without a agent
and without being locked into a listing contract!
Homes, cottages, building lots, farms, vacant land, waterfront properties at the Bras d'Or Lake, woodland and more,

For Sale by Owner and the marketing done by:

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We advertise your Property on the European Market!

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real estate for sale on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada


Don't talk! Show!

Yes, we take photos from your home, cottage or property in our very own technique. Some people like our photos very much. But if your real estate photos are better than ours, we could use your photos to promote your property on our websites in Europe. More Sample Photos here.

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Be Bold! Be Noticed!

We will make sure that your property will be noticed in the World Wide Web, especially on the German speaking European countries. Stand Out From The Crowd! 
Have them click on the photos of your property!
Let us show you how.

Videos made by Cape Breton Properties real estate for sale on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

Video Producing

Let A Video show it!

Impress the buyers with the latest technology!
Turn Shoppers into Buyers! Let an aerial video highlight your real estate you want to sell here in Nova Scotia!
Let us post the aerial video of your home or cottage on our YouTube channel! More Sample videos here.

Cape Breton Properties

On this website you will find private listings of real estate like houses, farms, properties, parcels of land, building lots, woodland and cottages - with or without water frontage on the Bras d'Or Lake - but all located on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

Let us advertise your property (not only) on the European Market!

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Real Estate For Sale By Owner and The Marketing Done By Us!

Cape Breton Properties Marketing IT Service Inc. is specialized in but not limited to the European Buyers Market!

All properties are offered and sold directly by the owner or by their representative.

We assure you that we are no REALTOR® nor do we act behalf of or as a part of any real estate brokerage.

All property listings on this website are posted in German language, targeting a buyers market in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Holland and Scandinavia and many other countries.

That is why we operate our website in German language:

Click here to go directly to the Overview of the listed properties in English.

Click here to go directly to the Overview of the listed properties in German.

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We believe that 99% of all real estate buyers spend a lot of time on the Internet first, before they even consider any further move. Especially, if somebody is from abroad and looks for a property, for a cottage or for a new home far away from his location, the Internet and social media are the easiest and most comfortable way to shop, to compare and to consider real estate.

But even on the local market most people are using the Internet to shop for real estate, zapping through hundreds of listings until they click on that picture which looks most attracting.

But because of the huge number of properties for sale on the market right now, people only have a closer look on exactly that specific real estate offer standing out from several other ones.

Well, apparently you must have found this website too, right?

It was never easier before to look at numerous places to buy within a few minutes, right from the sofa at your home and even from your car. This applies to shoppers and buyers alike.

Unless you are the "post it on MLS, lean back and wait" type, nobody will deny that the Internet and social media provides plenty of alternatives to selling your house or property the traditional way through a REALTOR® or with a real estate brokerage.

There are probably dozens (maybe more) Internet portals out there, offering you services in regards to the sale of your house "free of commission" or "without a real estate agent" or "for sale by the owner" or something in between or similar. Some of these modern day alternatives to real estate agents are: HomesByOwner, PropertyGuys, ComFree, The For Sale By Owner Depot and many more.

We offer you our services just for you or as a possible addition to your listing with any of the above companies but also as an addition to your existing listing with your real estate agent or REALTOR®. Of course: there is No Commission owed to us!

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  • Your local agent is a nice buddy but you did not receive any inquiries for years?
  • You are tired to hear from your agent that you need to lower your price?
  • Your brokerage is advertising on MLS® but nobody can find your house on that site?
  • You feel that the MLS® is an outdated and dusty website and you would like to see some large and high quality photos about your property, maybe some text in other languages?
  • You think that your agent's printed ads are good to inform your neighbour about your asking-price but will never address any potential buyers from abroad?
  • You would like to target a different buyer’s market, maybe overseas?
    cape Breton Properties Maple leafe sm

We are not your daddy's real estate agents!

We are, offering you marketing, translation and IT services to promote your property Oversees and locally as well.
We offer to target especially (but not only) the German speaking buyers market in countries like Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and more.
We make the potential buyer click at your listing and make them have a closer look at your house, your farm, your parcel of land or at your cottage.
But of course, first we will make sure that your house or cottage will be seen Overseas and your listing will be noticed on the European buyer’s market!
And if a potential buyer comes over to meet with you in person here at Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, we offer a suitable and stylish accommodation and all related services at our Cape Breton Cottage and B&B, right on the shores of the Bras d'Or Lake, in the heart of Cape Breton Island.
This is our way to make any potential buyer feel welcomed and surrounded with the best possible shopping atmosphere and without setting anybody under pressure to buy.
Sure, Europeans have sometimes special expectations. And believe it or not, we know exactly what European buyers are looking for, what they like to see and what not. Wonder why?
Well, some years ago I ended up in Nova Scotia at Cape Breton Island the same way.
Somebody did a great presentation of Cape Breton Island, of its nature, of the scenery and of the wildlife. And as of today my family and me are still calling Cape Breton Island our new home.
If you should decide to sell your property yourself, or maybe you are already locked in to a "Seller Brokerage Agreement" and you want your agent to advertise your property Overseas?
Or you are a local developer or subdivision owner?
 We are looking forward to hear from you.

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Of course, all information is provided to you to the best of our knowledge and belief.
But they are private opinions. Under no circumstances we deliver any advice or counselling services nor do we make any statements or claims.
Any opinion, statement, recommendation or anything whatsoever shall not form a guarantee.
All properties are offered and sold by their owners or by their legal representative, not by the operator of this website. is a private sale and marketing website.

This website was updated: 29 August, 2019

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You want us to promote your Property in Europe?

You want to sell your property fast, quick and without paying a REALTOR® a big commission for a lousy job?

You want some photos like the ones you have seen on this website’s other listings?

You want some aerial videos too?

Real Estate on Cape Breton Island - Nova Scotia - Canada

Houses, cottages, building lots, complete farms, vacant land, investment property, waterfront properties on the Bras d'Or Lake, woodland and more, for sale by the owner and the marketing done by: Cape Breton Properties!

We Advertise your Property on the European Market!